Saturday, April 16

Free Popcorn & Lemonade

Ladybug Giveaway to first 500 children (or those taller folks who are still kids at heart)!

Every child will want a free Ladybug or Battle Bug Tattoo! (Temporary tats of course.)

Perennial Sale! Wickman's just received over 1000 pots of gorgeous perennials ... add that to amazing plants that were locally grown at Wickman's and you're looking at a lot of flower power! Quart sized perennials regularly priced @ $5.99 each are on sale ...
Saturday - one day only - it's buy 5 get one free!

Your garden could be the setting for the battle of the bugs ... 20% Discount on Orders for Beneficial Insect Garden Guardians

25% Off Spring Wreaths & Permanent Arrangements in the Flower Shop

Be sure to check out Wickman's BIG greenhouse! Choose your favorites from their blooming annuals, herbs, vegetable plants and more all grown on site!

Start planning for spring with locally grown

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