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Grass Texture

Wickman's indoor plant area is always changing! We have two full rooms of indoor plants ranging in size of 2' baby starts all the way up to 10' pots. From Fern hanging baskets to Orchids and African Violets, our rotation brings a unique and revolving inventory that is guaranteed to surprise! Call and see what we have today at (417)862-3707!

5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Breathing Easier

When you breathe, your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This opposite pattern of gas use makes plants and people natural partners. Adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels.


  • Releasing Water

As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapor, which increases humidity of the air around them. Plants release roughly 97 percent of the water they take in.


  • Purifying Air

Plants remove toxins from air – up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours, according to NASA research. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.


  • Improving Health

Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients, according to researchers at Kansas State University. Compared to patients in rooms without plants, patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner.


  • Sharpening Focus

A study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England, found that students demonstrate 70 percent greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms containing plants. In the same study, attendance was also higher for lectures given in classrooms with plants.

Indoor Plants

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